Gordeshia Mungai.

Whether you are eight years old or twenty-five, a movie shop is a place for everyone.
No parental guidance advised.
You can get horror, romance, action, cartoons, fairy-tales, animations, science fiction or comedy in a movie shop.
Today I will be interviewing the owner of the movie shop ‘’your choice’’ who schools here in multimedia.
Gordeshia; hello, and thank you for doing this. Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do.
Mary; hello, and thank you for having name is Mary-Alice and I sell movies and series here in the university.
Gordeshia; where do you get your movies from?
Mary; I download them.
Gordeshia; by the way, how long have you been doing this and how much do you charge per movie?
Mary; I’ve been in this business for 8 months now, I charge fifty shillings per DVD or thirty shillings if you want soft-copy.
Gordeshia; which genre sells most?
Mary; action. Both boys and even females watch it this day. Comedy too.
Gordeshia; which have the least sells?
Mary; I would say animations mostly because they come with translations as in most of them they communicate in Japanese.
Gordeshia; thank you again Fred. I’ll leave you to get back to business.


Gambling craze

Ian gichimu

Wondering why students often arrive home late,drunk and sometimes very angry then i have the answer to your question.

Apart from the usual gambling sites like Sportpesa,Bet360,Betika,Mcheza and Betpawa,there is a new gambling machine whereby students spend most of their time.

This gambling machine has a slot whereby one can put a 10 shilling coin,select a team and stand a chance to win up to 1000 shillings.The machine goes for about 65,000 shillings.

The game is too simple and can be played by anyone and so at most times when students are not in class or within the school compound,this is the place they go to.

This game makes some people to be richer while others leave having not won anything but they deposit a lot of cash in the machine.This game often result to one losing a lot of cash and hence they become very angry and go causing chaos everywhere they go.

Some students also go with their school fees or sell some of their household items so that they may get the cash to play this game.People often leave or win less cash that the one they use to play the game.

Give it all

Faith Yego


In Kenya we believe as you give you get more.Most our campus students are not able to pay there school fees ,the only way the students and parents can contribute i buy fundraising.In campus today without clearing fees you can do the exams so whats the essence of struggling without doing the exams?

Most of us in campus have fee problems but we should speak up, our voices should be heard let the politicians be invited to the fundraising events.Ask help from fellow students through activities such as sports so that there is competition that will influence people to give.Personally i have witnessed people doing the fundraising event in Multimedia university,it has really helped students,if 1000 students give fifty shilling the amount raised within a day or a week will be 50000 which is half of the school fees.

This world is all about giving and helping each other and together we can ,lets come together, and, help each other.Unity is strength.

Peer pressure

Brian munene

Peer pressure is influence from members of ones peer group.Its commonly found among friends who influence one of theirs in doing wrong things because majority of them are doing it.Peer pressure is not mostly about drugs and substance abuse but also in other forms including fashion, decision making e.t.c. Its commonly related to drugs and substance abuse because its where peers practice it most.
Peer pressure in varsities has increased over the years, from the first year student who joins the school in a new environment, and knows little from the background that they hail from to the finalist who is about to complete their studies and join a bigger world than the varsity environment and its surroundings.Some  students if not all tend to imitate their peers in different ways,for example, they tend to wear short  dresses in terms of fashion just because their peers are doing so or indulge in unwanted sex because their peers  say it was fun or their spouses provide them with gifts. Some tend to abuse drugs and alcohol saying it makes them feel high and cool,and makes them feel like adults, thus convincing those who do not indulge in such activities to participate. In cases involving fashion, students tend to copy different modes of styles like putting a tattoo to look cool or having piercings on their body to look beautiful. In these activities, peer pressure can ruin ones life to those who are pressured to do so if they were not  indulging in them can become an alcoholic throughout his or her life, or may be start wearing indecently or worse not be able to graduate fro the varsity.
So dear  students, make your decisions wisely, have self esteem to avoid being pressured by your peers  to do what is not right.It might save your future.

Drugs in campus

Faith Yego

Ever wondered why majority of the  campus students are obsessed with drugs? The drugs are so cheap.In most cases students are affected with drugs in that they cannot attend classes ,some are forced to drop out of school due to poor performance.Selling drugs will earn you income for the upkeep but why destroys other students life?Why cant we as students start legal business?Campus is full of peer pressure but its not necessarily that you do what others are doing,don’t use drugs because your friends are using.Dont sell drugs because others are selling.

Yes drugs seem to be more profitable but they are illegal,i have seen campus students arrested for bring drug dealers in school .Its so unfair that due to our urge for money we engage in dirty business.At times we campus students are so much in need of money ,we need a lot of money but some things are not worth engaging in to.

Together lets fight drugs in campus.

Together Forever

Salome Wambui

I believe couples in campus can have a strong relationship that could lead to marriage.But mostly we want to enjoy our time as young age in campus therefore prefer not to get into serious relationships.
Some relationships begin as a joke and end up being serious and matures to marriage.This is a good thing for those lucky people who get this.You get to grow together and build your own empire together.You also get to learn the person fully,what they like and hate and also understand them better.
For these young couples I know that they go through a lot.Both good and bad.Just like the couple in the video.The couples Harrises and Duncansons tell us of their journey.How they have survived together for long.What lesson they have learnt in their young relationship.
This is a great chance for us all to learn from them one or two things.Especially those in relationships.You never know a joke may turn to something serious.
Remember you are the only one who knows what is best for you,don’t rush into  a relationship or force love where there isn’t. Be patient for yours will come at its own time .

Coda e

Colour day event

Ian gichimu

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Coda e simply refers to a Colour Day Event.A human being has various things that he gets attracted to and one of them is colour. Colour is pleasing to the eyes and not many people can resist it.As people say that behind every successful man there is a woman so does it apply that behind every piece of beauty there is colour.

People have different tastes of colour. Some love to match colours while others like to blend them. You can make something beautiful by colouring it.

The presence of colour is mostly appreciated by Kenyans and Indians such that they set aside a day for playing with colours such that they play around with colour and smear each other with paint. People enjoy and have fun in these colouring events. This is a day whereby you can hit someone with paint and not be sorry for it.

Make sure to attend these events so that you may also witness and appreciate the importance of colour.