Run like hell.

Gordeshia Mungai.


I love how in scary movies someone yells out ‘hello? ‘as if the killer is going to be like ‘yeah, I’m in the kitchen, want a sandwich?’
I love the thrill in horror movies, how you stay alert to see what’s going to happen next, the way some people scream and jump. I mean I tell the actors what they should like ‘noooo, don’t go in there! or run like hell!!!!!!!’ I believe that if people in horror movies listened to me they would still be alive.
so, whether you are a fan of horror movie or not, on 15nth August avail yourself at the loppers cinema hall to watch Mirrors.
Come lets scream, be overwhelmed, sweat-profusely, clutch at our seats and get our heartbeats racing. I mean dont you love adrenaline?
The movie starts at 10:30 pm. Do not miss out!