For better for worse

Salome Wambui


Truth be told most of the time its for worse. When everything changes, and all you guys did when you started dating are now memories, you are even tempted to leave in the name of finding that which intrigues you, they all will come to this  at some point, if you know what I mean. Maybe it’s your colliding schedules or the lack of the same affection you guys once shared. its not any-ones fault, bear that in mind, always.
It’s even crazier when all these happens when you are still here in campus where you met and have been dating for two years and it’s boring already.
Yes you love him and you cant wait to say I do but everything else seems boring, what do we do? what will happen when the kids arrive?
Do not get cold feet yet, come grace this event and learn how to spice up your relationship. learn how to keep both of you smiling and happy. Use these skills for a lifetime.
listen, learn and grow in your relationship.


Together Forever

Salome Wambui

I believe couples in campus can have a strong relationship that could lead to marriage.But mostly we want to enjoy our time as young age in campus therefore prefer not to get into serious relationships.
Some relationships begin as a joke and end up being serious and matures to marriage.This is a good thing for those lucky people who get this.You get to grow together and build your own empire together.You also get to learn the person fully,what they like and hate and also understand them better.
For these young couples I know that they go through a lot.Both good and bad.Just like the couple in the video.The couples Harrises and Duncansons tell us of their journey.How they have survived together for long.What lesson they have learnt in their young relationship.
This is a great chance for us all to learn from them one or two things.Especially those in relationships.You never know a joke may turn to something serious.
Remember you are the only one who knows what is best for you,don’t rush into  a relationship or force love where there isn’t. Be patient for yours will come at its own time .