I am beautiful

Pamela Bosibori


photography by Vlad Cioplea

My mom sent me a text this morning and this is how it read ”Allegedly, the daughter of Rwanda President says women can be beautiful without wig and makeup‼ And work for their own money, not depend on men to pay their bills. She has asked Rwandese ladies not to copy Kenyan ladies who apply make-ups and wear a lot of wigs while looking for sponsors to give them money !!!!!!Do you agree with her? Good day”
I read that and I was angry, angry that that is how make up and hair is viewed. I am beautiful, not because of my hair and makeup but because I am. I do it for myself and not for anyone. Doing something extra is what a woman should do I believe and that is why back in the day women wore all these colorful, beautiful beaded collections. The stretching of ears. The clean shave. All these was beauty to them.
Times have  changed, my makeup and weave is beauty. However, they are not what makes me beautiful, the sooner we get this the better.