Peginja machine game

Ian gichimu


Ian:How can you describe the peginja machine game otherwise known as ‘kanyonde’

Bigman:Peginja machine game or kanyonde is a gambling machine whereby students and even pupils go to gamble

Ian:How is this game played?

Bigman:The game is easy to play, you just insert a ten or twenty shilling coin into a slot on the machine and then you select a team and press a start button.When the machine lands on the team you have selected you stand a chance of winning upto Ksh1000.

Ian:Do all machines have the same teams?

Bigman:No.In some machines you will find that there are football teams while in others you will find fruits and others have images of beers.

Ian:What is the largest percentage of people in the society that play this game?

Bigman:The largest percentage are the youth who are mostly students and a few working class.

Ian:Where do people get the money to play this game?

Bigman:Just like Sportpesa the students come with their school fees or pocket money.

Ian:Is it advisable for people to engage in this game?

Bigman:It isn’t because if you do not have luck on your side you will definitely lose.


Gambling craze

Ian gichimu

Wondering why students often arrive home late,drunk and sometimes very angry then i have the answer to your question.

Apart from the usual gambling sites like Sportpesa,Bet360,Betika,Mcheza and Betpawa,there is a new gambling machine whereby students spend most of their time.

This gambling machine has a slot whereby one can put a 10 shilling coin,select a team and stand a chance to win up to 1000 shillings.The machine goes for about 65,000 shillings.

The game is too simple and can be played by anyone and so at most times when students are not in class or within the school compound,this is the place they go to.

This game makes some people to be richer while others leave having not won anything but they deposit a lot of cash in the machine.This game often result to one losing a lot of cash and hence they become very angry and go causing chaos everywhere they go.

Some students also go with their school fees or sell some of their household items so that they may get the cash to play this game.People often leave or win less cash that the one they use to play the game.