Coda e

Colour day event


Ian gichimu

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Coda e simply refers to a Colour Day Event.A human being has various things that he gets attracted to and one of them is colour. Colour is pleasing to the eyes and not many people can resist it.As people say that behind every successful man there is a woman so does it apply that behind every piece of beauty there is colour.

People have different tastes of colour. Some love to match colours while others like to blend them. You can make something beautiful by colouring it.

The presence of colour is mostly appreciated by Kenyans and Indians such that they set aside a day for playing with colours such that they play around with colour and smear each other with paint. People enjoy and have fun in these colouring events. This is a day whereby you can hit someone with paint and not be sorry for it.

Make sure to attend these events so that you may also witness and appreciate the importance of colour.

Graduates night

Ian gichimu


Events are basically places where people go to enjoy themselves and have fun.Celebrities are also invited to the event so as to entertain the guest and also attract more people to the event.In these places there are drinks and foodstuffs that people can buy or in some events they are given freely.Tickets for the events are made available to the targeted audience two weeks before the event so as to inform people about the event.Most events occur during the weekend so that more people attend the event and because most people are usually free.

Are you looking for somewhere to hang out this weekend?Worry no more because there is an event organized by Multimedia University.The event will be held on Friday 14th October at the Victorious Club in Ongata Rongai.The advanced tickets are currently selling at sh.250, Gate tickets will sell at sh300. All graduating students will enter for free.There will be free barbecue and drinks for the first 100 ladies and gentlemen.COME ONE COME ALL!!