Gordeshia Mungai.

Whether you are eight years old or twenty-five, a movie shop is a place for everyone.
No parental guidance advised.
You can get horror, romance, action, cartoons, fairy-tales, animations, science fiction or comedy in a movie shop.
Today I will be interviewing the owner of the movie shop ‘’your choice’’ who schools here in multimedia.
Gordeshia; hello, and thank you for doing this. Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do.
Mary; hello, and thank you for having name is Mary-Alice and I sell movies and series here in the university.
Gordeshia; where do you get your movies from?
Mary; I download them.
Gordeshia; by the way, how long have you been doing this and how much do you charge per movie?
Mary; I’ve been in this business for 8 months now, I charge fifty shillings per DVD or thirty shillings if you want soft-copy.
Gordeshia; which genre sells most?
Mary; action. Both boys and even females watch it this day. Comedy too.
Gordeshia; which have the least sells?
Mary; I would say animations mostly because they come with translations as in most of them they communicate in Japanese.
Gordeshia; thank you again Fred. I’ll leave you to get back to business.