Super moon Watch

Ian Gichimu


Are you looking for somewhere to go hang out with your spouse or lover?The lovers party has got you covered.

The lovers Party is an event arranged by Multimedia Students for all Campus students.Come and represent your Campus for we are going to give presents to the best dressed couple and the couple that will have the best entrance to the event.Get your ticket at fair price in all Tuskys and Nakumatt branches located in Nairobi.

The event will occur on a Saturday when we shall witness the presence of the Supermoon which will be the largest yo be seen for the last 70years.It will be a very memorable moment for you and your spouse.

Plenty of drinks and food will be given at a small fee that is affordable by everyone.Security is tight enough to cover for all your property and ensure there are no attacks or theft cases.

Deejays will attend the event to keep you entertained during the event and make sure they leave you having relaxed off your mind as you dance and continuously shake or move your body.

Do not miss this once in a lifetime experience for you and your spouse.


Give it all

Faith Yego


In Kenya we believe as you give you get more.Most our campus students are not able to pay there school fees ,the only way the students and parents can contribute i buy fundraising.In campus today without clearing fees you can do the exams so whats the essence of struggling without doing the exams?

Most of us in campus have fee problems but we should speak up, our voices should be heard let the politicians be invited to the fundraising events.Ask help from fellow students through activities such as sports so that there is competition that will influence people to give.Personally i have witnessed people doing the fundraising event in Multimedia university,it has really helped students,if 1000 students give fifty shilling the amount raised within a day or a week will be 50000 which is half of the school fees.

This world is all about giving and helping each other and together we can ,lets come together, and, help each other.Unity is strength.

Drugs in campus

Faith Yego

Ever wondered why majority of the  campus students are obsessed with drugs? The drugs are so cheap.In most cases students are affected with drugs in that they cannot attend classes ,some are forced to drop out of school due to poor performance.Selling drugs will earn you income for the upkeep but why destroys other students life?Why cant we as students start legal business?Campus is full of peer pressure but its not necessarily that you do what others are doing,don’t use drugs because your friends are using.Dont sell drugs because others are selling.

Yes drugs seem to be more profitable but they are illegal,i have seen campus students arrested for bring drug dealers in school .Its so unfair that due to our urge for money we engage in dirty business.At times we campus students are so much in need of money ,we need a lot of money but some things are not worth engaging in to.

Together lets fight drugs in campus.

Together Forever

Salome Wambui

I believe couples in campus can have a strong relationship that could lead to marriage.But mostly we want to enjoy our time as young age in campus therefore prefer not to get into serious relationships.
Some relationships begin as a joke and end up being serious and matures to marriage.This is a good thing for those lucky people who get this.You get to grow together and build your own empire together.You also get to learn the person fully,what they like and hate and also understand them better.
For these young couples I know that they go through a lot.Both good and bad.Just like the couple in the video.The couples Harrises and Duncansons tell us of their journey.How they have survived together for long.What lesson they have learnt in their young relationship.
This is a great chance for us all to learn from them one or two things.Especially those in relationships.You never know a joke may turn to something serious.
Remember you are the only one who knows what is best for you,don’t rush into  a relationship or force love where there isn’t. Be patient for yours will come at its own time .


Brian Munene


Campus! The sound of the word is not a new term to some students who dream to join various universities from their respective high schools. University is a tertiary level of education in the education system of Kenya. Many students if not most, tend to think that campus is where there is more freedom as compared to other levels of education in Kenya. In campus, a student gets to choose  on what course one will do depending on ones career, choose to attend the classes one is assigned or spend their time outside classes having fun. Parents and lecturers don’t follow up on student’s activities be it in school or outside school.
Despite all that, education is still the major pillar in these varsities.It determines the future of a student through their years of study in the education system of Kenya.True to the word, education is the key to success.These means that students have to manage their time in their studies and other personal issues. They have to attend classes to learn a thing or two on how their studies will aid in building the foundation to their career choices.