Dress your body-type

Pamela Bosibori     

                                                                   fashion-blog     We all are blessed with different body types and dressing up may  prove difficult once in a while. Many will argue,”Fashion  knows no comfort” but i beg to differ. I believe that fashion is about feeling comfortable in ones own skin. However , confidence is key.
We have body types ranging from pear-shaped to curvy ones . Knowing what yours is and embracing  it will help you when dressing up. Trying to wear what you saw look good on someone else will leave you looking  like a mess, if you are lucky a hot mess, and this is why I always advice against following trends.
We look up-to fashion blogs for inspiration, which is totally necessary in our everyday fashion choices. Once you identify your body type then It becomes easy to find a blogger you  can identify with. For example for curvy ladies we have @mskibati and @thedapperbrother  for sharp young men.
I leave  you with tips and tricks for dressing different body types.

  1. Pear shaped- Wear clothes that show off your arms often.
  2. Rectangle body shape – Always wear colorful bottoms.
  3. Always wear clothes that fit your body.