The campus Experience

Brian Munene

I am joined with Pamela, a campus student who will tell us all about her campus experience.

Brian: Tell us about your campus experience.
Pamela: I am Pamela Bosibori a third year student at the Multimedia University of Kenya. I study journalism. I can say my campus experience is actually really good although not as i expected. I expected the fun life, the chilled out life and all. to my surprise its more of hard work and going after your goals especially if you know your aims in life.

Brian: What are the challenges that you have faced in campus
Pamela: The challenges are many as a person and a student too. the timing of self actually. there is no one to push you around, remind you what is need and all which seems to be a challenge for me, i believe we all need   that extra push, as high school we have bells and all

Brian: What advice can you give to those that will be joining universities soon
Pamela: Campus is different and always know what you want, the distractions are there and you need to learn to go about them.



Live it, become it.

Brian munene

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As a campus student, one should know how to relate with one is learning about, what he or she chooses as their career and live it,become it.Studying for the course of one’s career choice is not  enough for a student who is pursuing their dreams of being employed  in a certain firm of their choice.Sometimes living the dream even before graduating from the course out of the university does bring about who you want to become in future.for example being a journalist, one has to live it by indulging in journalistic activities by searching for stories to motivate oneself in becoming the true journalist one aspires to be, or any career of choice depending on the student’s interest.They should attend press conferences that revolve around their career choice and learn a thing or two about their careers, and maybe they might land into an opportunity  of meeting some of their mentors in the field they want to be and studying about.
So do not wait for graduation day to start thinking about what to do or where to go to acquire the job of choice, let it search for you because you lived it and became it.


Brian Munene


Campus! The sound of the word is not a new term to some students who dream to join various universities from their respective high schools. University is a tertiary level of education in the education system of Kenya. Many students if not most, tend to think that campus is where there is more freedom as compared to other levels of education in Kenya. In campus, a student gets to choose  on what course one will do depending on ones career, choose to attend the classes one is assigned or spend their time outside classes having fun. Parents and lecturers don’t follow up on student’s activities be it in school or outside school.
Despite all that, education is still the major pillar in these varsities.It determines the future of a student through their years of study in the education system of Kenya.True to the word, education is the key to success.These means that students have to manage their time in their studies and other personal issues. They have to attend classes to learn a thing or two on how their studies will aid in building the foundation to their career choices.