I am beautiful

Pamela Bosibori


photography by Vlad Cioplea

My mom sent me a text this morning and this is how it read ”Allegedly, the daughter of Rwanda President says women can be beautiful without wig and makeup‼ And work for their own money, not depend on men to pay their bills. She has asked Rwandese ladies not to copy Kenyan ladies who apply make-ups and wear a lot of wigs while looking for sponsors to give them money !!!!!!Do you agree with her? Good day”
I read that and I was angry, angry that that is how make up and hair is viewed. I am beautiful, not because of my hair and makeup but because I am. I do it for myself and not for anyone. Doing something extra is what a woman should do I believe and that is why back in the day women wore all these colorful, beautiful beaded collections. The stretching of ears. The clean shave. All these was beauty to them.
Times have  changed, my makeup and weave is beauty. However, they are not what makes me beautiful, the sooner we get this the better.


Campus Lovers

Salome Wambui



Most of us have been raised watching soap operas with all the drama that happens there.We end up searching to know what this love is,how it feels to love and who is the right person for us.In campus with the freedom we have we get into relationships that end up being dramatic, weird, awkward and all sort of things.
Maybe these soap operas make us live in an unrealistic world where we think in relationships we can do anything and get away with it like cheating.We need to change this mentality, go back to our old fashion sweet relationships.We act as adults, where couples do have feelings for each other,  they trust one another and remain faithful. Couples argue and at the end they come up with a solution instead of using abusive words and violence.
Some of the few ways that can help us maintain good relationships are :
communicating frequently to one another
have an agreement as to why you are to together example for growth.
learning to respect one another and
be ready to accept the different natures of everyone if you cant change them.

Dress your body-type

Pamela Bosibori     

                                                                   fashion-blog     We all are blessed with different body types and dressing up may  prove difficult once in a while. Many will argue,”Fashion  knows no comfort” but i beg to differ. I believe that fashion is about feeling comfortable in ones own skin. However , confidence is key.
We have body types ranging from pear-shaped to curvy ones . Knowing what yours is and embracing  it will help you when dressing up. Trying to wear what you saw look good on someone else will leave you looking  like a mess, if you are lucky a hot mess, and this is why I always advice against following trends.
We look up-to fashion blogs for inspiration, which is totally necessary in our everyday fashion choices. Once you identify your body type then It becomes easy to find a blogger you  can identify with. For example for curvy ladies we have @mskibati and @thedapperbrother  for sharp young men.
I leave  you with tips and tricks for dressing different body types.

  1. Pear shaped- Wear clothes that show off your arms often.
  2. Rectangle body shape – Always wear colorful bottoms.
  3. Always wear clothes that fit your body.


Business in campus

Faith Yego


Life in campus is quite tricky without money. Calling parents every time asking for money .This is more discouraging for a campus student since you can make your own money.There are varieties of businesses one can start in school and make money .For instance  you can start printing services in school and earn some cash which can cater for the upkeep in school.

You can also sell legal foodstuffs around the school,i have seen people pay there own school fees by selling foodstuffs around schools.Its all about sacrifice and hard work .If you can start selling home made juice for a whole semester am sure enough  you will raise a larger amount of money .

I have seen people selling clothes ,shoes and raising money for themselves ,gone are the days where you only depend on parents for money at least prove to them you are mature enough and can make your own money.

As campus students lets make our own money and avoid depending much on our parents they are also tired its just that they cant tell us,let us be our own boss ,pay our own bills.