Fashion is served.

Pamela Bosibori



High end fashion events are known to be held in Paris and New York. Lagos has been lucky too to hold a few, so has South Africa. East Africa its high time i believe we have one. No more complaining, it is finally here. the event that has brought together legendary fashion gurus is right here in Nairobi.
Designers from all over Africa will be present. As if that is not enough, we still have special guests in line. The red carpet will be graced by bloggers  like Joy Kendi and those that have influenced us in this fashion journey. Musicians will be present too and great performances will take place.
The best part about all this is the ticket price, have you seen it. Who really won’t be able to attend. The MCs will bring the house down I cannot wait to see what she wears. Wema Sepetu from Tanzania and our very own Jeffery Wilson will be the MCs.
You will have to agree with me that this is going to be the event of the year.
See you there.


Author: campodiary

Campus offers different experiences for everyone. This is a guide that you will need on matters like relationships, fashion, money,events and advice. We are glad you are here.

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