Faith Yego


Faith:What do you know about drugs in campus

Jasmine:Drugs in campus is so rampant,this is due to peer pressure.Students do what others are do,its like they are competing

Faith:Have you ever been affected  or are you related with someone who has been affected with drug abuse

Jasmine:Personally i was affected ,i was using marijuana and cocaine ,it was really a tough experience ,without money you can not manage taking drugs everyday,you will have to look for other ways to get money

Faith:What challenges did you face while overcoming

Jasmine:Overcoming was somehow tricky ,you cannot wake up one day and leave it .It took a lot of time.

Faith:What can you tell other students about drugs

Jasmine:The best advice i can give is live your life,say no to peer preasure


Author: campodiary

Campus offers different experiences for everyone. This is a guide that you will need on matters like relationships, fashion, money,events and advice. We are glad you are here.

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