Peginja machine game

Ian gichimu


Ian:How can you describe the peginja machine game otherwise known as ‘kanyonde’

Bigman:Peginja machine game or kanyonde is a gambling machine whereby students and even pupils go to gamble

Ian:How is this game played?

Bigman:The game is easy to play, you just insert a ten or twenty shilling coin into a slot on the machine and then you select a team and press a start button.When the machine lands on the team you have selected you stand a chance of winning upto Ksh1000.

Ian:Do all machines have the same teams?

Bigman:No.In some machines you will find that there are football teams while in others you will find fruits and others have images of beers.

Ian:What is the largest percentage of people in the society that play this game?

Bigman:The largest percentage are the youth who are mostly students and a few working class.

Ian:Where do people get the money to play this game?

Bigman:Just like Sportpesa the students come with their school fees or pocket money.

Ian:Is it advisable for people to engage in this game?

Bigman:It isn’t because if you do not have luck on your side you will definitely lose.


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