Playing Safe

Salome Wambui

Salome: What is your name and what do you do?
Samson: My name is Samson Ng’ang’a,I work at a Voluntary Counseling and Testing center in Thika.I am a counselor for the youth.
Salome: What is the procedure when a youth comes to the VCT?
Samson:First we have ask them some set of questions.Then explain to you them the procedure of testing where we taking a sample of their blood.As we advice them on better ways of living.Finally we give them the results and advice them depending on the results.
Salome:What advice would you give those in campus and are in relationships?
Samson:My advice is to abstain from sex,but for this generation just remember to use protection or contraceptives always to be safe.Be careful of the person you choose and get tested before getting into sexual activities.
Salome:So is it safe to be in a relationship while in campus?
Samson:I think it safe to be in a relationship.Some marriages start from campus relationships.
Salome:Thank you very much for your time.
Samson:You are most welcome.



Author: campodiary

Campus offers different experiences for everyone. This is a guide that you will need on matters like relationships, fashion, money,events and advice. We are glad you are here.

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