Peer pressure

Brian munene

Peer pressure is influence from members of ones peer group.Its commonly found among friends who influence one of theirs in doing wrong things because majority of them are doing it.Peer pressure is not mostly about drugs and substance abuse but also in other forms including fashion, decision making e.t.c. Its commonly related to drugs and substance abuse because its where peers practice it most.
Peer pressure in varsities has increased over the years, from the first year student who joins the school in a new environment, and knows little from the background that they hail from to the finalist who is about to complete their studies and join a bigger world than the varsity environment and its surroundings.Some  students if not all tend to imitate their peers in different ways,for example, they tend to wear short  dresses in terms of fashion just because their peers are doing so or indulge in unwanted sex because their peers  say it was fun or their spouses provide them with gifts. Some tend to abuse drugs and alcohol saying it makes them feel high and cool,and makes them feel like adults, thus convincing those who do not indulge in such activities to participate. In cases involving fashion, students tend to copy different modes of styles like putting a tattoo to look cool or having piercings on their body to look beautiful. In these activities, peer pressure can ruin ones life to those who are pressured to do so if they were not  indulging in them can become an alcoholic throughout his or her life, or may be start wearing indecently or worse not be able to graduate fro the varsity.
So dear  students, make your decisions wisely, have self esteem to avoid being pressured by your peers  to do what is not right.It might save your future.


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