Fashion hacks.

Pamela Bosibori

Fashion hacks keep us going and is what every one needs to survive and make what we own last long, especially bearing in mind fashionable pieces are very expensive.Knowing different tricks will make you unique and stand out.
Do it yourself pieces are usually really good at making you stand out too. Many exquisite pieces i have come to learn can be made from materials that we own in our homes that we don’t use or from what can be found in thrift shops.
As a fashionista, i believe we have learned to shop anywhere and anytime. It is an expensive habit but we cant stop and that why we are termed as addicts of fashion.
I have with me 10 very essential hacks that will come in handy and will allow you to bring out the best out of what we own. From how to buy perfect fitting jeans to how to feet into those big shoes that you love so much.
let us watch this to learn more on the same.


Author: campodiary

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