Drugs in campus

Faith Yego

Ever wondered why majority of the  campus students are obsessed with drugs? The drugs are so cheap.In most cases students are affected with drugs in that they cannot attend classes ,some are forced to drop out of school due to poor performance.Selling drugs will earn you income for the upkeep but why destroys other students life?Why cant we as students start legal business?Campus is full of peer pressure but its not necessarily that you do what others are doing,don’t use drugs because your friends are using.Dont sell drugs because others are selling.

Yes drugs seem to be more profitable but they are illegal,i have seen campus students arrested for bring drug dealers in school .Its so unfair that due to our urge for money we engage in dirty business.At times we campus students are so much in need of money ,we need a lot of money but some things are not worth engaging in to.

Together lets fight drugs in campus.


Author: campodiary

Campus offers different experiences for everyone. This is a guide that you will need on matters like relationships, fashion, money,events and advice. We are glad you are here.

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