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Sponsors are becoming the main source of income in campuses today.Its of much concern that its no longer only ladies with sponsors  but also the men.They are given money  by the old ladies for sexual favours. The same applies to ladies ,given money by old men for sexual favours. Its okay to give in but do we really think about the outcomes?

In the recent cases  i have witnessed campus students killed by there sponsors for denying them sexual favours. Its so sad that our parents send us to campus and later see us on televisions making the headlines while dead.Lets be fair to ourselves and our parents,they are sacrificing a lot for us to be in school.We are too young to die ,we have a future to prepare now.

We are not so desperate to depend on sponsors for money,it just that we are becoming so loose for them,they are taking advantage of us.They are our fathers age mates and our mamas age mates lets think in that way  and be realistic ,its so unfair to what we are doing for ourselves.

The urge for money should not influence us  do things that we are even afraid to say in public  just for money .Am sure you cant tell your friends or even parents about the sponsor thing.

There are other ways of making money dear comrades let us be realistic ,lets prove that we can survive ,pay our bills without  depending on sponsors.We can manage if we believe in ourselves.


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