My treasure

Salome Wambui

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I adore ,love, care, respect and stay with you because I want to give you with something special that few have.My heart it is, treasure that is fragile .
It is not easy to find that person to give this treasure and once you do,you easily give in.It feels comforting and secure to have him or her.But then  why do they break our hearts after all this?don’t they appreciate all that  give?what more do they want?what did I do to deserve this?At times it’s very hard to answer these questions and it mostly  drains our energy  and time.But there is a way to deal with these heartbreaks.
First, to accept that you are in pain.He or she has destroyed something special and it’s not easy to accept this fact.But it has happened and it’s only best to accept in order to heal.
Second is changing your ways and thoughts of how you used to do certain things.This helps forget the moments and memories you have.
Final is to believe that you can find love again and be open to find another.This easily wipes the gone memories and makes you feel happy again.


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