Attractively modest

Pamela Bosibori

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Modesty can never be attractive, many will argue. Fashion is about taking risks and been out there, some will say.
I love to associate modesty with decency. The elegance that comes with it. the beauty, the strength, the respect,the dignity . There aren’t enough words.
Fashion in this day has misled many men and women to believe that showing skin is attractive. Our jeans are now rugged.  Shirts now crop tops, We are so consumed in all these craziness that we forget our values, what we stand  for and what mama said.
Before we got here, mama said, ”pull up those pants my son, you look handsome now”, ”that skirt is too tight mummy”, ” my daughter that dress has become too short,give it to your sister”  She did not sit us down and lectured on modesty but she passed the message directly . And that is why when  we visit home, we wont wear this and that from our closet.
Modesty is knowing who you are, your worth and believing in yourself .It is not been ashamed of your body .
My mama says, walk around in that which you wear comfortably at your in-laws.









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