Business in campus

Faith Yego


Life in campus is quite tricky without money. Calling parents every time asking for money .This is more discouraging for a campus student since you can make your own money.There are varieties of businesses one can start in school and make money .For instance  you can start printing services in school and earn some cash which can cater for the upkeep in school.

You can also sell legal foodstuffs around the school,i have seen people pay there own school fees by selling foodstuffs around schools.Its all about sacrifice and hard work .If you can start selling home made juice for a whole semester am sure enough  you will raise a larger amount of money .

I have seen people selling clothes ,shoes and raising money for themselves ,gone are the days where you only depend on parents for money at least prove to them you are mature enough and can make your own money.

As campus students lets make our own money and avoid depending much on our parents they are also tired its just that they cant tell us,let us be our own boss ,pay our own bills.



Author: campodiary

Campus offers different experiences for everyone. This is a guide that you will need on matters like relationships, fashion, money,events and advice. We are glad you are here.

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